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Victor Adams

Victor Adams, veteran of the finance industry and survivor of our franchise system, pens a hilarious debut novel that takes special aim at the US legal class. Follow the adventure of a lifetime as his characters criss-cross the Americas hunting treasure, dodging civil unrest, and ducking endless legal paperwork. A merciless satire of the US legal system, Adams makes a mockery of our once august institution and the havoc it wreaks in our lives.

The Last One Out

If Teri Bradshaw (no relation) had her way, everyone on earth would be forced through TSA gate agents at her airports. That’s because Teri’s hedge fund re-sells everything they steal from your luggage, often right back to the you at airport kiosks.
But Lainey Dunaway, the wife of one of Teri’s boyfriends, it hot on her trail. To help, she’s recruited a guy who is neck-deep in expectation lawsuits…